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Witness the cultivation of an exalted generation

The origin of sin’s absolution

Flesh invites the audience to tour the prototype of a new world. 

​Spectators are welcome to capitalize on the potential of an establishment breeding sin free vessels in a future utopian state. 

Drawing on religious ceremony, with a familiar fixation on purity, the piece explores domestic ritual as a form of systematic violence.

In this dystopian world, female vessels are commodified as reproductive labourers, creating children artificially and thus sin-free.

KirstyMayHamilton Flesh1.JPG

A sci fi fable, the narrative emerges through live performance, communicated through a visual language and the explicit female body, juxtaposed against a digital backdrop.


 Leader to the journey is a disembodied set of Lips. The piece weaves fragments of live art, video artistry and spoken word into an experimental theatre performance.


Interrogating the commodification of reproduction and ritualised violence, the performance considers the intersection of live art and theatricality as a site for feminist speculative fiction.

Currently in the developmental stages, an extract of Flesh was performed with the support of Tron Theatre CREATIVE at Outside Eyes.

With thanks to photographer Mihaela Bodlovic for the images. 

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