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Dancing at the Edge of the World

... a piece of post-dramatic dance-theatre, a physical poem, a ballad of bodies and machines....

Wearable Technology
Kirsty May Hamilton REPLICA dancer

“Dancing at the Edge of the World” is a piece of post-dramatic dance-theatre, a physical poem, a ballad of bodies and machines.


Drawing upon body-based practices promoted by Grotowski’s theatre laboratory and Haraway’s feminist theory we shift the focus for AI-design and knowledge production, by rooting it in the experience of the body.

// Poetic Machines // 

Featuring in this project, and developed in collaboration with Mika Satomi, is a capture wearable technology, a collar, with bend sensors that can be attached to 8 points on the body.


A speaker sits on the front of the collar, emitting sounds that can react to the position of the sensors - on how the performer moves their body. 

In 2020 I became an artistic partner of REPLICA, collaborating internationally on a speculative performance. 

The journey began as a digital devising process, over video conferencing, followed by physical rehearsals in EDEN studios and a residency space with Berlin Open Lab

Movement data, harvested from the bodies of the performers in real-time is translated to sonified cues and becomes entangled with the performance scores – voice and movement.

The performers’ bodies are  generating traces in space, a living cartography of their capabilities and limitations.


The technology becomes a medium for interconnecting, as well as for interrogating the embodied agencies engaged in a polyphony of exchanges and interactions.

// About REPLICA //


Headed by Diana Neranti, REPLICA is an interdisciplinary performance collective and laboratory for embodied experimentation with digital tools, new media and speculative design.


Envisioning the dance-theatre of tomorrow — playful, subversive, interactive, underpinned by new emergent cultures and social change — REPLICA explore how technologies permeate the collective unconscious to generate new aesthetic codes. 

A work-in-progress performance will be shared in an online event organised in collaboration with Hybrid Platform

Hybrid Performance: “Dancing at the Edge of the World”


Thursday, 18th of March 2021 , 18:00 pm

Images courtesy of REPLICA and photographer Miriam Woodburn.


Information about the team:

Performance | REPLICA & Friends

Creative technology

REPLICA rehearsals
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